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February 29, 2008



what a fab cake!!!! i love the car cake add, sadly i think it works better for advertising cake than cars, it always makes me want angle cake!!!! haha


Cool cake :)


Lovely colourful cake.


very nice! love the candles (^_^)


i love all the fab colors here! :) very eye candy!


What a cool cake! x

Sue Nicholson

The cake add is my favourite :-) There's a great vid on You Tube that shows how they made the commercial . . . it's a must Maz, it's so darn clever, no actors involved! . . . I did post a link on my blog once . . . don't know when though! But it should be easy to find if you just type in Skoda car advert.

Cool cake! Love the decoration and colours. This is a REAL party cake . . . or since it is no longer here, I guess that should be "was"!

I confess I buy mine from the supermarket or M&S, love M&S oblong cake as it cuts so easy :-) And of course tastes divine too :-)

Those green balls remind me of bon-bon sweets, (only seen then in white, pink and lemon though ;-)

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