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January 17, 2008



Oh I love those prints. How cool are they? Would be perfect for me too. Must go see her website. Great photo of the numbers and books. That's me too. Give me words any day. Just wondering if you've been to http://www.goodreads.com - great book reading community. x


Oooooh, fabulous pictures. I love them!

I'm like you with numbers. When I see loads of them together, they just jumble up and mean nothing. I'm much more comfortable with words.


Great photos, the one of your son is brilliant, cutesy prints too.


I noticed the book with numbers only casue I was seeing what you like to read.
OK, mom the child looks like he has a death grip on that pencil. What gives?
The last photo witht he really red lips creeps me out totally!


What a lovely photo of your son. There's something about it, it tells a story without even knowing the background of it, wonderful xx

Aubrey Harns

Great shot of your numbers! It's funny how we all have our little things. The picture of your son is darling too. I love your prints - thanks for the link!!!


Gorgeous pictures all of them. I'm a numbers type of gal - what else could I be with a maths teacher for a Dad! x


fab shots maz! i love those retro prints they're gorgeous!


Great pictures. I agree, words are way better than numbers - you have some great books there. And yes, spooky!!

Sue Nicholson

Hi Maz :-)

Love those pictures. Visted and I like "domestically disinterested" . . . that would be a good name for my blog :-D

'fraid I love numbers . . . so here we differ :-( words are great but numbers are logical :-)

Scrolling up . . . Sue

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