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February 06, 2008



Lovely shots, Maz, and this is a prescription we could all do with.

I'm loving your Gluttony shot too .... how awful for you to have to eat two creme eggs!


Aubrey Harns

Great LO - it's one of those things you should have minimize, lamenated, magnatized and attached to the refrigerator!

Sue Nicholson

BTW Forgot to say that I hope you are feeling better now :-)

LOL Maz, I never know where I am with life! I am all over the place! One month doing this, the next something else, have so many interests that in the end don't do anything, hate housework yet seem to do it all day long to no real success, try to take exercise, hate that too but feel better afterwards . . . LOL and then in a few years I'll have "the change" to contend with . . . as if my body isn't already buggered up by being old & pregnant, (NOTE love my kids and they are the best thing in my life)

So I really get this layout . . . maybe I should do one too?

Take care . . . Sue

Jenny O (Tesoro Mio)

Hi there. You have some really lovely work, here. Thanks for sharing!

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