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February 24, 2008


michelle ward

hey maz! glad you unlurked and jumped in on our journal kit crusade. what a great box!!! and i'm swooning over your journal pages, and cracking up that you used everything BUT what was in your kit. i think it's fine to break the 'rules', who made them anyway? blurring between visual journal and scraooing is a good thing, IMO. i like your do-somtething-naughty-everyday motto. you can come sit by me :)


Oh I can so relate to everything you say! I live by the rules too, so much so that I find it hard to break out of my little box. I also find it hard to find common ground between scrapbooking and journalling but you have successfully combined the two imo. I love your little case full of goodies and your journal pages are brilliant...I think I should be brave and put paint and photo together too...what do you think?

Sheila Earhart

OH MY GOSH! What I wouldn't give for a case like that! What a great find! Love what you did with it, and what you did "without" it too!


Tally Oliveau

mmmm-love the turquoise and red layout! Really wonderful! I'm still trying to my get my pack together, checking everyone else out!


Hi Maz,
I love your GREAT little box filled with stuff to journal. And I LOVE the journaling scrapbooking page you made. Hee, Shakespear already said: WHAT's in a name? If it suits you, DO IT! It is BEAUTIFULL, so go girl go and brake more RULES!


Oh Maz, do keep pushing those borders! Mix and mess it all up! That makes the whole thing so much more interesting, don't you think?


I think like that too. I only do a journal page or a scrapbook page (which I haven't done in a long time!) and if I put as much effort into scrapbooking as I did other things I would be pretty happy I think. I love the size of your journal too!

Ursula Clamer

What a cool case, I'd be doing some looking and admiring before I could use it too! I like your journal/scrapbook pages, I think it is all about doing what feels right for you. Ux


your little travel case is adorable beyond words!! oh my i am green with envy. ADORABLE. I would take it everywhere too. Good on ya! And do your own thing with scrapbooking/journaling thing. push those boundaries. i love the raw look. i wish i could combine the two too but just never seem to be able to do it successfully. you certainly can. LOVE your pages.

susan w

rules? what rules? That is indeed a darling case. The 'muddy childhood spread is outstanding. It speaks so well to the precious moments of daily life of kids.


Is this the most awesome little trunk? And I can't even say how much I love those pages. I know what you mean about rules and breaking them and someone always seems to have something to say about it, no matter how much they claim to be rule-breakers themselves, so you can't even listen, you GOTTA BE YOU! I love the style with which you break rules. Also, love the rambling. I'll be back for more.


Loved your pages and your box for your kit-- i'm so jealous. It IS the perfect size! I didn't read all thru the responses to your post but I HAVE to recommend a couple of books to you that sound right up your alley (if you haven't already read them). Journal Revolution and Visual Chronicles. Both books are by a pair of sisters, last names Woods and Dinino. I keep them on my art desk permanently. They go in depth describing how scrapbooking helps you save your memories but journaling helps you save your sanity. They combine the two in remarkable and inspiring ways. They rock!

Julie Molina

Oh your case is awesome and your journal pages are beeeyouteeful!


Your journal is fantastic!!! Show me more!!!!

Sue in western WA

I'm just cruising to see what everyone came up with for their travelling kit. Your case is in a category of it's own! I LOVE it! It's BEAUTIFUL! Never mind taking it somewhere to make art, that case would *inspire* art! I would be making pages about that case - probably for days!


I know all about the too much stuff, too difficult, never start "thing"... big problem for me... gotta keep it simple and yeah, gotta learn to break the rules (I'm not great at that either!) Love the kit and the pages too!

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