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November 07, 2008



what different looking cattle ~who knew ? the shots are great !


Isn't it strange that you should like cattle so much - and think them peaceful - yet I'm scared stiff of them and think of them as really quite aggresive! Especially when they have calves. I would never, ever, ever go into a field where a cow is. Uh-uh.

I do love your photographs, though!


Elizabeth Harper

I love , love, love these photographs....I am a huge fan of cattle. Keep an eye out for a post I'll be doing on an experience I had recently with some.

Beautiful pictures...I feel like I'm there.


That second one looks stoned :)
Great set !

chris t

Great shots

Sue Nicholson

I like sheep ! Fascinating ! And I don't need to photoshop their wrinkles :-D


i love these photos! i also love that you also have chickens. i wish you had an email address on your site that i could find - i would love to know where in the world you call home. your photos are lovely~

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