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January 09, 2010



it looks so cute and creative. i'm working on a moleskine - filling it up now. it's fun and relaxing.

love the story about your mum's skirt - she was a very good mum indeed. i can remember my mom taking my dad's shirt sleeves and cutting them off short for the summer and i love making doll clothes out of the remnants.


I love this, Maz! It looks so tactile and just invites you to have a leaf through it. Fantastic!


nicole renee

This is so stunning! I want one SO bad! lol


I am totally in love with your journal. It's a good thing you don't live nearby, or I might be tempted to snag it!! *laughs* Seriously, it's gorgeous and I adore the RED and all the buttons. YUMMY! You did a fantastic job. I am your new fan. *wink*


Wonderful work, I've enjoyed looking at each pic in detail!

Victoria Bolton

This is a beautiful journal. I especially like the buttons. Great work! Thanks for sharing!


Stunning - there is no other word for it!

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